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Hiking across the Great Wall of China

Well, to be accurate, more like a small tiny section of the Great Wall. Our host partner in Beijing was kind enough to help me get to the Great Wall to take in the...

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Tea, bars and tourist shops around Houhai

After completing our customer visits for the week in Beijing tow of our hosts brought us to the Houhai area. Formed around a small lake, the area has been preserved with old-style Beijing housing....

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The Beijing Olympic Park

Having recently hosted the Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing’s Olympic installations are very modern and still in great shape. With all of the lighting effects, this area is best visited at night.

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An afternoon at the Forbidden City in Beijing

After Singapore earlier this year, I am currently spending time in Asia for a few weeks, starting with Beijing. I spent Sunday visiting the Forbidden City, which used to be the Imperial Palace. No matter...

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Singapore Chinatown and other sights

My trip in Singapore is soon coming to a close. Before leaving, I took some time to visit Singapore Chinatown (yes, as strange as it might sound, there is a specific Chinatown area here...

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First impressions of Singapore

While my work has taken me to a number of places around the globe, I had never been to Asia until now. I arrived in Singapore, a very ‘Asia-lite’ city as one of my...

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Star Trek Catan

For the past few years, I have been asking for board games as gifts for various occasions around the year. The latest game I received for Christmas is Star Trek Catan. A variation on...