Yannick's Corner

Matrix Reloaded Figurines

To coincide with the release of The Matrix Reloaded, Todd McFarlane toys will be releasing two series of action figures this year. The first release is previewed on their site and all of the...

Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band will be releasing another DVD concert this year. An article on Launch.com actually mentions a box set that will include footage shot during three days of concert that the band...

The Animatrix

The First Short Film for the Animatrix has been released today. The download at the highest resolution is 144 MB, so get ready for a long download. All of the shorts will be released...

The Animatrix

The Animatrix, a series of 9 short animation movies based on The Matrix universe will be released on June 3rd directly to DVD. Some of the short films that will be found on this...

Cowboy Bebop movie

The release date for the Cowboy Bebop movie has been confirmed on the Destination Films Web Site. It is April 4th 2003. Click on the Theater section if you visit the site.

Our Lady Peace

Canadian Rock Band Our Lady Peace will be filming two concerts in Edmonton and Calgary to release on DVD. It will probably be released in the summer.

My Big Fat Greek Life

The new series My Big Fat Greek Life will be starting on CBS on February 24th. Based on the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this new comedy should be a lot of fun.

Guano Apes Third CD

One of my favorite bands, Guano Apes, is releasing their third CD next week, Walking on a Thin Line, on February 3rd. They are a German band singing english heavy rock. Check their site...