PS3 Lookout

Here is a list of upcoming games that I am currently watching for the Playstation 3. Of course, at the price that they are selling games these days, patience pays off when you wait and see these become Greatest Hits or get seriously discounted.

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Release Date: August 25, 2009, Publisher: Eidos Interactive

I played the demo for this game and it really makes you feel like you are the Dark Knight. Now, if the darn thing can just come down in price already! I’m expecting this one to become a greatest hit game that would go down to half its original price over the summer.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Release Date: Unknown, Publisher: Square Enix, Read News


I got Final Fantasy XIII for my birthday and can’t get enough of this new chapter in the saga. XIII’s sister project Versus sounds pretty cool as well if it reuses the game engine to tell another story.

Heavy Rain, Release Date: Late 2009, Publisher: Sony, Read News


This sounds like an amazing game but I will wait until this one’s price goes down or I might even just borrow it from a friend.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, Release Date: Unknown, Publisher: Ubisoft, Read News


The first Beyond Good and Evil had amazing level maps, funny jokes and a lot of action. All Ubisoft has released on the sequel is a small trailer with some great rendered scenes. I just hope that the sequel is as good as the original.

End of Eternity, Release Date: Unknown, Publisher: Sega, Read News


This RPG title was only recently announced but it definitely got my interest with its great graphic style and its steam-punk like art style.