A new start for Star Trek: The Next Generation

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek on TV and on the big screen for years. However, the only Star Trek books that have been able to catch my attention are the Star Trek: New Frontier series. This series of more than a dozen books has fascinated me since they basically gave free reign to the author, Peter David, to create his own crew and ship to explore the galaxy.

This has recently changed when I picked up a couple of books based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, entitled Resistance and Before Dishonor.

This two-part series relaunches a franchise that was torn to pieces after the last movie, Star Trek: Nemesis. With Data dead, and Commander Riker and Counselor Troi off to a different ship, these books introduce a new set of supporting characters around familiar faces (Picard, Crushed, Worf and LaForge). We also go back to meeting one of the most intriguing ennemies in Star Trek lore: the Borg!

I actually started reading the second book by mistake, since it was written by Peter David, and am now going back through the first book. Both are captivating reads that I recommend if you have any interest in the Star Trek universe.