Apple charging for a new iPod touch software update

If you own an iPod Touch, you will probably be quite surprised to hear that Apple just announced that their latest update for the device will require you to shell out 20$. Instead of only being a small software update, this new package adds 5 new applications to the Touch, namely Email, Stocks, Notes, Weather and Maps. So, on the one side, I understand a bit that they might want to charge for the update, however, only people who bought the device before this announcement will have to pay for it. If you buy the device from now on, the update will be free.

I don’t know if this is the kind of decision that they could go back on and eventually make the update free. We’ll see in due time. What is also interesting is that this announcement comes at the same time as Apple confirmed that the SDK for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be released in February, thus opening the door for third-party official apps for the devices. Let’s just hope that there is no need to pay again to be able to use these third-party applications.