See when your favorite TV shows are coming back

Television has been quite boring since Christmas due to the Writer’s Guild of America strike. After starting the strike in November, new episodes finished airing around the time of the Christmas break and never came back.

Thankfully, the strike finished in April and the whole television industry will soon be coming back to life with new episodes from your favorite TV shows. To see a full list of the shows that are coming back, along with a number of episodes and air dates for the first ones, check out this page on

One thing that you will notice as you go through the list is that studios took the time off to cancel some shows and have decided to post-pone most that had not started yet (like 24) to the fall or next winter.

My personal favorites these days are CSI: NY, The Unit, The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, 30 Rock. I was very disappointed to see Journeyman not coming back. I felt that the show had really found its rhythm in the last few episodes that aired. I also saw on this list that Bionic Woman was cancelled. No big loss there. It was more filler television than anything else.

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