Long time no post

My goodness, it has already been two months since my last post. A quick update to let you know that things are going well, just busy as usual. I recently took a week off work so that we would work on a home renovation project: redo the basement. We got rid of the old industrial carpet that was on the floor and put in some laminate floor. Andree also patched up the walls and did some painting with help from our friend Jean and Andree’s father Mario.

On the entertainment front, we managed to catch The Incredible Hulk on the big screen and really enjoyed it. I was hoping to write a little review for it but have not had a chance yet. It was extremely well written and Edward Norton is just perfect for the role. The action was good from beginning to end and it was extremely interesting to see Tony Stark show up at the end and mention that they are putting a team together.

After a bit of digging online, I saw that an Avengers movie is announced for 2011 with Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk. It’s far, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.