Changed RSS Readers again

Finding the best RSS Reader application for my needs has been an ongoing search for the last couple of years. After using the desktop client RSS Bandit, then moving to Bloglines, I have tried the Google Reader web-based application a few times without being convinced that it was right for me… until now. What partly prompted my change is the fact that I really don’t like the new Bloglines interface and am not sure how soon they are going to phase out the old one.

I just reloaded all of my feed addresses in the new Google Reader page and find that it’s interface has become very slick and to the point to show me all of the news feeds that I love to read. It’s always great to see all of the improvements that the folks at the Google Labs add to their apps. Check it out if you like to keep up with news from multiple sites.

The one feature that I find that is missing is the ability to sort news items by site when viewing them all. However, I have found the chronological sorting to be adequate.