A great pre-order incentive

I am usually not a fan of pre-ordering music CDs. While I am usually a fairly faithful listener and CD buyer when I like a band, I still don’t like the idea of blindly buying an album when I have no clue if it’s going to be good or bad. For example, there is a new Crystal Method CD coming out in 3 weeks and while the pre-order deal on iTunes gives you access to an extra track, the only track that you can currently listen to is not as good as I would expect from that band.

That being said, I just put in a pre-order for the new Dave Matthews Band CD, to be released on June 2nd. After downloading the first single from their new CD for free last week and hearing another song excerpt on their web site, they put up a pre-order offer that could just not be refused: Pre-Order the new CD and get a 3-disc live show for free! Not only that, but the offer is even valid for the digital version of the CD, which makes it a lot easier for international customers as myself to pick up this deal. I am really looking forward to this new music 🙂

UPDATE: The free live show offer is no longer available for digital purchase of the new CD. It is only valid on purchase of the physical media.

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