Another reason why I don’t believe in music pre-order

I have mentioned a few times before on my blog that I am a non-believer in pre-ordering music CDs before they come out. While it fully makes sense to pre-order something like a DVD of a movie you’ve seen and enjoyed, or to pre-order the sequel of a book series that you are following, music can take a variety of directions, even coming from an artist that you have enjoyed for a long time.

CrystalmethodDivideA recent example of this for me is when one of my favorite electronica music groups, The Crystal Method, released their latest album entitled Divided by Night a few weeks ago. I have completely loved their first three albums, but was completely disappointed by their most recent effort. The tone of their music was way too much pop-ish, with guest vocalists ruining a lot of the tracks that are typically more instrumental in nature with the band. The rythms wre also way too light compared to their usual gritty sound. I had been tempted to pre-order a few weeks ago when I saw that you could get one or two extra tracks by doing so but resisted when I listened to the excerpt of the first single and was taken abak by the pop-feel of the track. My suspicions were confirmed when I listened to the full album on the AOL Listening Party Web Site.

The moral of the story is that I will stick to ordering CDs after they get released and I can at least get 30-second sound clips on all tracks, if not get the chance to listen to the full CD before I decide if I’m going to buy it. I did pre-order the new Dave Matthews Band CD that is coming out in two weeks but those guys have never disappointed me in about 10 CDs (studio and live) so I think that’s a pretty safe bet. Everything else will wait to get a good feel before I buy.

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