Windows 7 Deals for a limited time

I have been using Windows 7 for about two months and absolutely love it. The improvements that Microsoft has done to the user interface are great and make it easy to get around the UI quickly.

Now, as I said before, I was hoping that the price tag on the Upgrade to the new Windows version would not be too steep so that people can actually afford the upgrade. Microsoft recent announced the prices for all version of Windows 7 and the results are not too bad. The Home premium upgrade clocks in at 120$ US and 130$ CAD. In my opinion, these are a little bit high but still acceptable. But to make it even better, Microsoft is offering heavy discounts through most North-American online stores on pre-order between now and July 11th (Amazon and Best Buy in the US, and the same two along with Future Shop in Canada). Customers get 58% discount in the US and 50% in Canada. While it’s not the 29$ of the latest version of Mac OS X, I still think that this will help people migrate from XP and Vista to their new OS. Check your favorite online retailer and see what deals they are offering. A few other countries are listed on the Microsoft site and perhaps more will be added later.

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