Releasing Link Library 2.0 for WordPress

I have been working on my Link Library for WordPress plugin for more than four years and always enjoy adding new features to it. While I took a big step when I added an administration interface to the plugin, I also made it slightly more difficult for users to user Link Library to power more than one of their pages with the plugin and configure each instance differently.

In version 2.0, I try to address this shortcoming by allowing users to create up to 5 different sets of settings and then be able to choose which one to use on each page of interest of their site. By still being able to override a few parameters such as including or excluding link categories, the possibilities become endless.

You can see on my own web site two different pages that show output from different Link Library Setting Sets (Freeware Database and Favorite Links). Judge for yourself how efficient this can be. If you have any trouble after upgrading, feel free to drop me a note.

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  1. says:

    very good the version

  2. Super nice plugin! Thanks.

    Is it possible to see the lasted (only one) feed together with the link?

  3. Also.

    The autogenerated links don't work, see:

    Can you fix that?

  4. I just deleted the code [link-library-cats settings=1]

  5. There should really be an edit button 😀

    Why isn't it possible to get comment on pages? WP can normally do that, but not with this theme?

    • Yannick Lefebvre says:

      Hi Alex,

      Sounds like you've had a busy morning (of afternoon) with Link Library. Let me try to address all of your questions here:

      – "Is it possible to see the lasted (only one) feed together with the link?"

      >>> I am not quite sure what you mean here, would you like to see the latest RSS feed item for items that have an RSS feed? Link Library is primarily about displaying the information about your favorite links and news feeds, not really about pulling information from exterior sites. I am not sure this is the type of feature I would want to add.

      – The autogenerated links don’t work, see: Can you fix that?

      >>> This is a typical mistake that new users make. I should probably change the default value on that. You need to check the option called "Embed HTML anchors (need to be active for Link Categories to work)" so that links work between the list of categories and the enumerated list of links. Give it a shot and let me know.

      – There should really be an edit button 😀

      >>> What do you mean exactly? Would you like to see a button to edit links if you are logged in as administrator of the WordPress site? That's an interesting idea that I will explore.

      – Why isn’t it possible to get comment on pages? WP can normally do that, but not with this theme?

      >>> Did you make sure that you had checked the Allow Comments check-box when creating your page? I tried setting it on my page and was able to see comments.

      I will send you these by e-mail as well to make sure you have all these answers.

  6. A.Hariri says:

    Excellent. May I suggest having some way of adding a link to report dead/non-working links?

    Is this doable at all?

    I was thinking of providing a form where the user will have to copy the link or link name and paste it so that when I receive it I know for which link it is. However, I thought I would pass by here and see if this suggestion can be added.

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