Conversation with a book pirate

The following e-mail discussion took place over a couple of days this week, after I wrote a review of the WordPress Theme Development Beginner’s Guide. As an author, the few short sentences that the person wrote to me were chilling. The name of the person that was writing to me has been redacted.

8/17/2013 3:15 AM
Is it possible for you to provide me this book, if thats not a problem.

I’d really like to read it.


8/17/2013 9:22 AM

You can easily order your copy, either digital or physical, from the publisher’s site ( or any other major web site that carries Packt titles.


8/17/2013 3:13 PM
But then I have to pay. And I dont want to pay that kind of money because I dont know if it is worth it.

8/18/2013 7:33 PM

Since you contacted me through my web site, I assume that you have seen on the front page that I am the author of a book myself. With that in mind, what in the world makes you think that I would just give you a book that someone else took a very long time to put together?

From my own experience, writing the WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook took ten months of my life. I spent every minute of my free time working on this project during that time to create a great compendium of all of my knowledge related to plugin development.

Yes, I got an advance to write the book, but when you divide that money by the amount of hours required to bring a project like this to light, it is really not that great a deal. For me to see any more revenue from this project, people need to pick up my book. Besides the obvious benefit to the author if enough copies are purchased, the publisher also need to see support from the community to approve other writing projects related to WordPress. These projects enrich the community and allow many people to become very proficient at using WordPress without searching aimlessly for a long time.

If you are not sure about whether or not you will like the book, did you know that you could download an entire chapter of the book from the Packt web site ( or that provides a great sample of pages from the book (

If you have genuine interest in WordPress theme development, then spending 20$ on the ebook on the Packt web site (or even just $14 for the Kindle version on should be a no-brainer and will help support the author of the book and the publisher.

If you really want to pirate the book, then I am sure you can easily find a download link for it using good ol’ Google.


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