A stroll down Victoria Street in Singapore

After our local reseller told me several times that I should go to Bugis Street, I decided to heed his call and take a nice walk over to that part of town. In retrospect, this was quite an electic walk, with a lot of different things along the week.


Canal along Victoria street

First thing of interest I saw was a muslim temple, one of the historic buildings in Singapore, with an old cemetery that looked both beautiful and creepy with its tiny monuments.


Historic muslim cemetery

A couple of blocks later were these horrible eyesore apartment buildings. I wonder who thought this looked good against the neighborhood skyline.


Art demo apartment complexes

That being said, the neighborhing trees were much more interesting to look at.


Awesome vegetation

Last but not least was the Bugis Street market itself. That place is simply a zoo. It basically seems like a few original street vendors made friends, then decided to expand and start to make a crazy flea market in and around a couple of buildings. Everything looks like a complete hodge-podge of stuff.


Bugis Market Singapore


Bugis Market Singapore

As a last set of notes for the day (and to please David), here is a quick pic of the appetizer I had for lunch. It is called Kueh Pie Tee. It was a little spicy and sweet at the same time. The rest of the meal was rounded out with another appetizer called Pulut (sticky rice and meat in a banana peel), and the main course was called Nasi Briyani and was quite tasty.


Kueh Pie tee

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  1. David says:

    Terrific! Looking forward to some even more exotic foodstuffs! 🙂

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