Category: Television

Tripping the Rift

There’s a new animated comedy in town. Scifi’s Tripping the Rift is based on a hilarious animated short film that went around the net a few years ago. The first season will include 13...

Dark Angel Lives On!

Dark Angel Lives On! Even though the series was cancelled after two seasons, and never saw an ending on TV, the series lives on. Two books have been published based on the show. The...

The Simpsons

The Simpsons’ 300th episode will air this Sunday, February 22nd on Fox at 8pm ET. Members of the rock band Blink 182 will guest-star for this episode.

My Big Fat Greek Life

The new series My Big Fat Greek Life will be starting on CBS on February 24th. Based on the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this new comedy should be a lot of fun.